Why a website?


Tools are only useful when you can use them. Ever loose your car keys? Tough to start your car then right? This way the rpg tools I make can be used from anywhere I am. I also want the other players to be able to use them, no point in somebody else having to make the same tool? Enjoy.


ROLL20 Macros

For Spells

Because of the OGL I have posted some spell macros using the standard roll20 spell template for DND 3.5, which looks nicer than the macros I was able to find online. Also they're very uniform, contain save DCs, and otherwise roll their variable results. These are great for making your campaign look more professional.


World of Tanks

Fun & Instructional Videos

For a couple years I made fun and instructional World of Tanks videos. These videos were posted on my YouTube channel, and when I started I had an encouraging run. It looked like I was going to be able to make it into a career. Unfortunately YouTube changed the way it promoted videos. This lead to a major dip in my new traffic but I worked hard and started to make headway towards that goal again. YouTube changed their policies yet again, and at that I took a long break. When I came back I made new videos on a slow schedule for a few months and then YouTube changed it's monetization policy. I've had it with YouTube and there will be no more videos there.


Video Voice

With a real mic!

I still work on videos from time to time as the voice behind the scenes. A real for hire voice talent... or something.

In a world...